Thursday, November 19, 2009

Switching Media

Just for a change from cradled wood panels and canvas, it's fun to work on paper again. Heavy watercolour paper is perfect for a mixed media treatment. I like to start out with some thumbnail sketches to work out an idea, then it's open territory on the surface of the paper. Starting with loose watercolour washes, they flow and blend on the paper. After drying, I dig in with various papers to add texture, acrylics and printing techniques until my inner muse says, "Whoa, girl". I like the 'lighter' feel of these pieces. And of course, crows and ravens are favourite creatures that visit us all year long.

Crowsong#1 Mixed Media on Paper
16" X 12"

Ravenspeak, Mixed Media on Paper
16" X 12"

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Recent Painting

Space in my 'studio' (daughter's former bedroom, spilling over to what was once the living room) is limited, so the largest work I have attempted is on 40" X 30" gallery wrapped canvas. I think I would enjoy letting loose on 4, 5, or 6 foot panels or canvas, but that will have to wait til I have more space. In the meantime, I can do somewhat larger pieces made up of multiple panels, and use up all my smaller canvases. Cradled wood panels are a joy to work on with the oil/wax techniques that I learned from Rebecca Crowell . They are more expensive, but well worth it.

This recent painting is called "Oasis", oil with cold wax (and galkyd added to the mixture to give the paint some flexibility on the canvas). Happily, it has a new home with a collector in the Ottawa area.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Painting, New Friend

At Coloris sur la baie, a premier art show in Clarence-Rockland just outside Ottawa, I was visited by a young artist. Jordan was eager to share his sketchbook and one of his small oil paintings with many of the exhibiting artists at the show. A grade 8 student, Jordan was comfortable sharing his work, discussing the artwork around him with many of the artists, and listening attentively to other's comments. He was amazingly articulate when talking about his art and his goals. The more Jordans we have in this world, a better place it will be. Thank you Jordan, it was a delight meeting you.

Dreamers 30" X 40"
Oil/Cold Wax on 2" gallery wrapped canvas,
ready to hang.

This work is a new oil and cold wax painting, presently at Gallery 121 in Belleville. I remember turning the canvas upside down and around many times during the painting process. Suddenly, when I walked by it during a break, three figures appeared under the translucent layers, and I decided they were meant to stay.