Thursday, March 3, 2011

Evelyn Glennie, Percussion Artist

Five years ago, I saw the documentary film "Touch the Sound", which featured the Scottish percussion artist Evelyn Glennie.  Shortly afterward, I attended a concert she gave at the National Arts Centre in Ottawa.  She inspired me to create a series of clay percussion pieces, using wire for plucking or bowing, glass for chiming, and wooden tuning forks. The clay inself can be struck for resonance.  I loved the idea of producing these varied, unusual sounds.

In Wednesday's Toronto Globe and Mail newspaper, there was a front page feature article and photo of Evelyn in the GlobeArts section. Last night, at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, she performed "The Shaman", a new percussion concerto by Winnipeg-based composer Vincent Ho, to open the Toronto Symphony Orchestra's New Creations Festival. How I would have enjoyed being there!

These are some photos of a few of the pieces from that clay series - The Soundscape Sculptures.  The wires stretch across the vessels.  Their tones can be altered using the wooden tuning forks at the rims.  Such fun!