Monday, October 18, 2010

Fear of Different Media

Drawing 2 - Threads

Any fears I might have had in changing or adding to my approach to my artwork used to be dismissed as just a reluctance by me to take the time to change. I was too busy, too focussed, too whatever! I think I was perhaps too proud to admit fear. It sounded too much like defeat even before I had begun. It has been many years since I have spent time drawing, just for the joy of it. Not to mention the hope of improving skills, the visual fine tuning, and the many other goals that accompany the act of drawing. Paper and pencil: compact, convenient, lyrical in their use. What a lovely way to spend a half hour perched on a boulder in my woods on a cool, sunny autumn day. No "Fear". Just a full heart and a small smile.

Any other "Fears" e.g. subject matter, style, size, whatever - suddenly seem full of possibilities again. Are "Fears" our friends in disguise?

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