Friday, April 22, 2011

It's a Spring Exhibition at Gallery ArtPlus

Gallery ArtPlus in Belleville has welcomed Spring with a colourful, eclectic show.  Two of the featured artists are Tina Osborne and Valerie Kent.

Tina Osborne

As we huddle indoors by our fireplaces with warm cups of consoling liquids, Tina Osborne has done Mother Nature's job of announcing Spring with a dynamic exhibition of outdoor art panels that remind us of what it will soon look like in our gardens and countryside, once Spring and Summer actually arrive.  Her large wooden panels have been meticulously prepared to receive her painted images, and they have been completely weatherproofed for our Canadian climate.  In additon, Tina will brighten your day with her hand painted silk scarves and fine jewellery.  A certified Reiki Master, all of Tina's work emanates with positive energy.  Visit her website here.



Valerie Kent

I first met Valerie at an AFAC Conference in Toronto in 2008, where she was a workshop presenter.  I am always struck by Valerie's ingenious use of found materials to enhance her artwork.  The viewer is surprised when upon closer inspection, all kinds of found objects can be found in some of her work: eggshells, tiny glass beads, gold leaf from wrappers that would have otherwise been thrown away.  These materials never overpower her work.  In her understated way, Valerie makes a statement about her concerns for our environment, and at the same time creates images that are joyful yet peaceful.  A dedicated teacher, artists will have opportunities to work with Valerie this summer under the Loyalist College Summer Arts Programme. Click here for more information about these workshops.

Try to make a point to drop in at Gallery ArtPlus, and experience an invigorating, lively art show.

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