Monday, December 5, 2011

Artists at Work in Florence

Strolling along the narrow streets of Florence, we found an abundance of antique shops, fine art galleries, art workshops, print shops.

These art students were hard at work, focussed on their drawing boards.  I had the urge to pull up a chair!  Perhaps another time.....

The front window of Il Tamarino, a fine art print shop.  There are many of these fine art ateliers in Florence, and we were lucky when we walked through these doors.

Sophia, co-owner of Il Tamarino, at work hand-watercolouring a fine art etching.  The printing press, with stacks of fine art papers, are on the left.

Owners Sophia and Pier made us a cup of tea while we tried to decide which small pieces we would take home with us on our bikes.  The walls, flat files and tables were filled with beautiful gems. Choosing was not an easy task.

What a special memory we will always have of Pier and Sophia at their fine art etching workshop/gallery!  We learned so much about their processes, and our time there cemented the respect we've always had for printmaking of all kinds.  A return visit in the future would be wonderful, and we hope that may happen.

Visit Sophia's and Pier's website:

Il Tamarino

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