Thursday, April 23, 2009

Three Artists from Rochester Area

Still working on finishing some mixed media collage works on old 78 vinyl records for an exhibit at APW Gallery in NYC - myself and about 400 other artists. The idea is to hang 2000 vinyl records in their gallery. I've seen photos of a previous show, but it would be quite a sight to see in person. Hope to get mine finished and sent out on time.

Back to the Oil/Wax Workshop in Rochester:

This is Jim M. creating beautiful floating layers on his panels.

Wendy M. combines human figures and animal forms in her fantastical, whimsical figurative and landscape work.

Kathryn produces subtle spring-like paintings that reflect her experience with encaustic.

And Rebecca's demos had all of us with our noses close to the surface, looking into the depths of her work.

Inspiring people - inspiring art.

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