Monday, April 20, 2009

What a Weekend.

I always feel fortunate when I've experience something extra-special. This past weekend ranks very high on my list of memorable events in my life, and I will often reflect on the abstract painting workshop with Rebecca Crowell at Rochester Art Supply/Cascade Art Centre in Rochester, NY.

People make the difference in one's life, and the folks I met in Rochester this past weekend were all remarkable. Thank you to all. There was such a spirit of giving, sharing, connecting and positive feedback throughout the weekend, that I believe we all went our separate ways a little reluctantly, albeit anxious to return to our studios to see how our work will change. And change it will, I'm sure.

More photos and text in future posts; there's lots to share. The photo above is Rebecca Crowell, our workshop facilitator, and Jim Mott, one of the participating artists: we deserved a great meal and art-talk time after a hard day's work on Sat. at the Cascade Art Centre.


Rebecca Crowell said...

Thanks Barb for this post--the workshop this past weekend was wonderful for me and I hope for everyone involved. It really was a special group of people and I am so glad you were a part of it. Can't wait to see what evolves for you as a result--

Barb said...

It certainly was an amazing time that I spent with you, 4 other exceptional artists, and the folks at Rochester Art Supply. I still have visions of the store's shelves packed with artists' goodies. I could hardly contain myself.